Fundraising is a HUGE part of our PTA and money that we receive as well as raise from all the fundraising events help us support many activities and programs for the school like…

• Playground Fund
• End 68 Hours of Hunger
• Enrichment Program
• Field Trips
• Teacher Appreciation Week
• and many other PTA social activities

Please use the links below to opt-out of the fall catalog fundraiser. We thank you for your contribution to the Barron PTA and all funds that are collected will go to the second phase of the school playground.

$15 Donation

I love kitchen gadgets but we have plenty of stores around the area. Here is my $15 contribution instead


$20 Donation

I have plenty of wrapping paper and do not want to clean my closet to make room for more, I’ll donate $20 instead


$25 Donation

On behalf of my friends and family who will not have to go into hiding and avoid me for the next two weeks during the fundraiser, I’ll donate $25 dollars.


$30 Donation

I probably wouldn’t have sold anything anyways, here is my $30 contribution


Unspecified Donation

I am making this donation in appreciation of not having to buy, sell, of generally do anything except complete this form. Here’s my (insert what you are comfortable contributing here).


Meadow Farms Fundraiser Online Link

Did you know besides coming to school events, you can also help us raise money in small ways? Barron PTA participates in Amazon Smile, Box Tops Education collections, and Shoparoo.

Next time you shop on Amazon, your shopping will make a difference. Do your regular Amazon shopping at and Amazon donates to Barron PTA.

Box Tops

Before you throw away the trash make sure to check your boxes for the Box Tops symbol. Empty cereal boxes, among other products can help us earn nearly $1,000 a year for our school. Here is a complete list of products that have the Box Tops cut out on them. Box Top Product List.


Did you know you can help the school earn money just by taking pictures of your receipts? It’s true!!! Shoparoo is an app that you download to your phone, from there all you have to do is Shop, Snap and Earn, it’s that easy. Every day receipts from grocery, convenient, and pharmacy stores, as well as some retail (Target, Five Below, Sephora, etc) count towards points. At the end of the year these points will be tallied and a school will receive a check from Shoparoo. Last year, our school raised close to $200 with about 15 parents participating, just imagine what we could raise if we had more participants!

You can download the Shoparoo app depending on the phone you have by clicking on the links below. Follow the instructions once downloaded and you are on your way to helping our school fundraise!

Apple Shoparoo App

Google Play Shoparoo App